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What is a good domain

In order to have a successful web site there are several things to take into consideration when creating it. A very important one is the domain name. A good domain name helps enormously the SEO of the site.
So what does a good domain consists in?

Points of a good domain

1. Few characters. The user should be able to find your site by typing the letters quickly and even by mistake.
2. The domain name must be clean. This means that it should not have been banned by Google and it should not be in a black list or under supervision.
3. It should contain keywords. For example a site on casinos should absolutely contain the word casino in the URL.
4. Numbers should be avoided because they reduce the power of the domain.
5. If there is a lot of discussion about it in social networks, there is a big chance that it is considered important.
6. It is also considered important if lots of users search for it, either spelling it correctly or even without the suffix.
7. The suffix should correspond to the language of the site. For example the suffix for Spain is ES. International domains have the following suffixes:
- COM or NET
- ORG for Organizations, Associations, Societies etc.
- INFO when the site is informational, an encyclopedia etc.